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Healthy Doughnut Do-Over


If the mere thought of rings of fried dough turns you into Homer Simpson, we’ve got a SHAPE-approved alternative: fonuts. Created by L.A.- based pastry chef Waylynn Lucas, these faux doughnuts are baked, so they clock in at nearly half the calories of the typical variety. The concept was born when a friend made some banana bread for the local farmers’ market, says Lucas. “Worried that no one would commit to a full loaf, she baked the batter in a doughnut pan. The results were so popular, we decided to go into business together.” For those beyond striking distance of their West Hollywood shop, we snagged a few of Lucas’ recipes. Bake a guilt-free batch this weekend—unlike Homer, you won’t have to sell your soul for this snack.

Get the rosemary-olive oil fonut recipe here.
Get the lemon fonut recipe here
Get the rum fonut recipe here.

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