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Instant Greek Yogurt Is Almost a Thing (Caveat: It's Actually Pudding)


If you can't get enough Greek yogurt, you may be curious to try this super-simple new recipe from Royal that we stumbled upon at the 18th annual Sweets & Snacks Expo last week. The brand that brought you instant gelatin and pudding is now offering a new Greek yogurt pudding mix that lets you whip up the rich and creamy protein-packed food at home—just add milk!

When you pour 2 percent milk into the mix containing dehydrated Greek yogurt powder (made with cultured skim milk) and whisk it for two minutes, you get a yogurt-tasting treat with a pudding-like texture (kind of a mind-bender, guys). It's a bit sweeter than your usual Chobani or Fage favorites, but it still has some good-for-you nutrients that we love about this dairy dish, such as calcium (15 percent of the daily value) and protein (5 grams).

The instant yogurt pudding mix comes in five flavors, including vanilla, blueberry, strawberry, cherry, and peach. One box features four half-cup servings, each containing just 90 calories. So a full cup is only 180 calories for 10g protein, which sounds pretty great. However, each half-cup serving is also high in sugars (24g) and sodium (420 milligrams), so doubling up on protein could end in a sugar high and inevitable crash (and burn). Comparatively, real yogurt is a much better nutritional option, as a typical 6-ounce container of low-fat plain Greek yogurt provides 130 calories, 17g protein, 7g sugars, and 200mg calcium (10 percent of the daily value).

It's also important to note that using nonfat, skim, 1 percent, or lactose-reduced milk might ruin the consistency, making it too soft and thin, warns the packaging. Whether almond milk, soy milk or other milk substitutes work, you'll have to test it out and see (please let us know, it available on Amazon!). Overall, this portable snack option might be best used when traveling to places that don't sell Greek yogurt—and you just can't wait until after your vacay to eat it.

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