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It's International Sake Day! Celebrate with Low Cal Drink Recipes



October 1st is International Sake Day and I’m glad this has come to my attention. It turns out that sake, referred to as, “the drink of the gods,” is ideal for a girl like me who wants to enjoy a cocktail or two but doesn’t want to drink her calories! At just 50 calories and 1.8g carbs per ounce and a half I’ll be adding sake to my low calorie cocktail repertoire.
Below are a few of my favorites so you can enjoy International Sake Day in skinny style. None of them are over 100 calories—I couldn’t believe it!

Sake Sunrise
It is a holiday so of course I had to get a little bubbly in there!

TY KU Sake (2oz)

Orange Juice (1oz)

Splash of champagne

Nutrition info: 95 calories, 3g carbs

Sake Sangria
Who would have thought, sake in a sangria recipe?

TY KU Sake (2oz)

Fresh Season Fruit

Splash of agave nectar
Nutrition info:  92 calories, 9.8g carbs

Asian Mojito
I love the fresh mint of mojitos but don’t particularly care for rum. Plus at 104 calories for 1.5oz I’m cutting calories from alcohol in half!

TY KU Sake (2oz)

Fresh Mint

Squeeze of lemon, lime, Orange

Nutrition Info:  87 calories, 1.8g carbs

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