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Life's a Peach: Tips for Fresh Picked Fall Peaches


Apple picking is a fall favorite but I'm not quite ready to admit summer's over yet (technically it just passed) so to satisfy my desire for fresh produce, sunshine, and a little tree climbing I decided to give peach picking a try. While the trees weren't quite as good for climbing I was hooked after biting into my first sun-warmed peach. The juice literally flowed onto my arm with every bite right down to the core.  Here are a few tips I learned from picking my own peaches: 

1. Farm grown peaches are furrier than the ones you'll find at the grocery store but if you rub them firmly with the palm of your hand the fuzz will come right off.

2. The best peaches aren't necessarily the ones with the most red coloring. The ones with the richest yellow color, tending toward gold rather than greenish or pale yellow, are sweeter and juicier. 

3. At $1.25 a pound it's easy to get carried away. Currently my entire fruit drawer is filled to the brim with not yet ripe peaches. The ones that are ready to eat are in my fruit bowl and the peaches that are in between are in a paper bag on my kitchen counter (putting peaches in a paper bag accelerates ripening).

In the meantime I have to figure out what I'm going to do with all these peaches. What are your favorite peach recipes? Stay tuned, I may give your recipe a try.

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