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Light and Crisp Apple Margarita Recipe


There is so much to love about fall: crisp air, the feeling of a fresh start, tailgating, and picking your own apples. But there is one thing—okay, two (shorter days)—that makes me sad: the end of margarita season. I really enjoy that tart taste! And you may know I’m a tequila fan. That’s why I am in love with this low-calorie cocktail recipe. It's the perfect transitional drink combining two of my favorite summer and fall treats: tequila cocktails and apples. With a mere 180 calories, I can burn this drink off with less than an hour of apple picking! 

2 ounces high quality tequila 
1/2 ounce apple schnapps
Juice of 1/2 lime
4 ounces Polar® Granny Smith Apple Seltzer 
Slice of dried apple (for garnish)

Combine first three ingredients in a shaker. Serve straight up or on the rocks, and top with seltzer. Garnish by floating a slice of dried apple.

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