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Make Chicken Parmesan Healthier!


Chicken Parmesan. It’s one of those things you grow up with and have always made just the way your mother does (well, at least when you have a last name like Borsari). And, I mean no offense to Mom, but I’m stealing a few tips from Food Network star Ellie Krieger to make her classic chicken Parmesan recipe a little healthier. By swapping egg whites for whole eggs and skim milk for whole milk Krieger cuts calories and you'll never even notice they're gone! And I admit, I never thought of sprinkling the Parmesan on top of the finished product along with the mozzarella instead of actually coating the chicken in it—that’s before you coat it in breadcrumbs of course! 

Watch the video below as Krieger shows you, step-by-step, how to make a healthier chicken Parmesan.


I usually eat my chicken Parmesan over a bead of spinach or broccoli with a slice of crusty Italian bread for sopping up the sauce and scooping the gooey cheese. I find it much more satisfying, and easier to portion control than a plate of pasta. How do you make classic Italian meals healthier? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

As an editor at SHAPE I have the chance to learn about the healthiest ways to cook, eat, and live from all sorts of experts but I’m also a single girl living in NYC with a busy schedule, active social life, and chocolate cravings. I’m here to share what works for me—and where I need a little help from you.


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