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Make Mashed Potatoes Easier—and Fluffier


Mashed potatoes are a very labor-intensive (but vital!) part of Thanksgiving dinner.  One thing that really bothers me is how they seem to stick to the pot like cement. Not only do I hate wasting their creamy, carby goodness but it is a pain to scrape and clean the pot. Plus, if you leave the pot to stay warm  for seconds, thirds, fourths—not here to judge—you risk burning the potatoes that are stuck to the edges.  This amazing Chef’n Freshforce potato masher ($16; has an angled spring for fluffy spuds and a triangular silicone head for scraping the sides of the pot.

Save your arm from insane mashing and scraping and head over to page 124 of the November issue. Snap the code to be one of 30 SHAPE readers to win the Chef’n Freshforce potato masher.

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