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New Meal Delivery Service Makes Clean Eating Easier Than Ever


Although we deal with the question daily, deciding what to eat for dinner is always tricky. Between work and workouts and long commutes, unhealthy takeout can easily trump a homemade meal when we’re pressed for time—which is just about every night. 

That’s why we were excited to learn about Lean on Wheels, a food-truck-turned-meal-delivery-service that makes eating clean easier than ever. Co-founders Rafael Rojas and Aaron Vaden, a personal trainer and chef, started the company as a food truck in the San Francisco Bay Area. The meals would sell out squickly, with customers taking more than one home for later, so the duo decided to change their business model and start to deliver fresh, pre-portioned meals to customers’ homes or offices.

“Our food is for anyone who wants to make that change to a healthier lifestyle through eating right and exercise, from brides-to-be to bodybuilders,” says co-founder Rojas. Full of nutrients and protein but free of gluten, sodium, and added sugars, the meals are portion-controlled for weight loss or maintenance.

Customers can mix and match their ideal meal from a choice of protein (including chicken, beef, turkey meatballs, or salmon), carbs (brown rice, sweet potato, or brown pasta), veggies (broccoli, zucchini, or mixed), and optional sauces like sriracha. “Plus the ingredients can be reused in other delicious ways, like adding turkey meatballs to eggs for a breakfast burrito or topping a salad with sliced chicken—the possibilities are endless,” adds Rojas. The best part: Prices per meal start at only $10.

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And if you need any more convincing, Rojas himself is living proof of how effective a clean diet, like the one Lean on Meals offers, can be. After working at a desk job in the tech industry, Rojas ballooned to over 336 pounds. He had hired personal trainers and gone on strict diets but would be frustrated when his all-or-nothing efforts failed. Finally, a friend introduced him to Vaden, who put him on the right track to health by gradually increasing the number of days he’d eat clean. After two months, he lost more than 50 pounds.

Currently, Lean on Wheels operates only in the Bay Area, but the company plans to expand and ship meals to customers across the U.S. in the near future. Visit their website to learn more.


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