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Stay-Slim Eating Tips from Tara Gidus


The holiday season may be over, but with February upon us, we've officially entered awards show season. And what's an awards ceremony without a party? Plus Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend. With all this food, it might as well be December again. But don't worry about weight gain: Tara Gidus, R.D., shares a few tips to keep your party fun and healthy.

1. Make simple swaps to lighten up classics. "If you're making nachos or chili, use veggie crumbles or lean turkey breast to lighten them up a bit," Gidus says. "When cooking treats to satisfy your sweet tooth, substitute butter for soft spreads like I Can't Believe It's Not Butter or Country Crock. You're getting less saturated and trans fat, so they're both better-for-you options." And dips are a no-brainer: Instead of going with full-fat sour cream, Gidus recommends nonfat Greek yogurt.

2. Adjust your cooking techniques. When possible, go with grilling or baking. "If it's too cold outside to grill, you can broil, but the idea is to get that fat to drip down and off when you're cooking," she says.

3. BYOB. When you're a guest, bring something such as veggies and hummus or baked tortilla chips to the party, Gidus suggests. "That way you'll know there's something for you that you can eat."

For more healthy eating tips or tricks from Tara, watch the video below, then tell us: How do you stay healthy when you're hosting or going to a party?


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