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Sweet Snacks Are Going Savory


When your taste buds crave a sugary snack, you might reach for a yogurt or granola bar as a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Now, the same foods can assuage your hankering for salty flavors just as easily—and deliciously.

Savory yogurts, snack bars, bottled drinks, and even frozen snacks are appearing on store shelves in a variety of flavors from jalapeno granola bars to tomato yogurt. Read on for five new snacks that caught our eyes.

Blue Hill Yogurt
Inspired by the popularity of a beet yogurt and granola dish at his renowned NYC restaurant, Blue Hill, chef Dan Barber decided to make his veggie-flavored, grass-fed yogurts available to the public. The creamy, tangy yogurts come in carrot, sweet potato, butternut squash, tomato, and parsnip. Stumped in the kitchen? Find delicious and healthy ways to use them in recipes like squash yogurt panna cotta to farro and cherry tomato salad on the website. ($2.99; for stores)

KIND Strong and Kind Bars
We’ve been fans of KIND's all-natural fruit and nut bars for years, but now, we don’t have to settle for sweet when we really want something savory with the debut of KIND’s new Strong and Kind Bars. They taste like foods you’d never expect from a snack bar, like honey mustard, roasted jalapeno, Thai sweet chili, or honey-smoked BBQ. Plus, they contain 10g of protein and all nine essential amino acids, thanks to the tasty combo of legumes, nuts, and seeds. ($1.79 each;

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One hot night after leaving the gym, the founders of Ortaggi craved something cold and delicious—but didn’t want to a pint of ice cream to undo all their hard work. And so Ortaggi (which means “vegetables” in Italian) was born. It’s a frozen, vegan, gelato-esque snack made with veggies, herbs, and fruit juice. Choose from six vibrant flavors—such as avocado and cucumber, red pepper and peach, and carrot and mandarin with ginger—to cool off for only 30 to 100 calories per serving. ( for info)

Nuwi Quinoa Drinkable Snacks
Now there’s a way to sip your favorite superfood. Nuwi, a bottled drink that blends quinoa with real fruits and vegetables, has totally reinvented the wheel when it comes to snacking. This organic, gluten-free, high-protein snack can be enjoyed cold or heated up (like soup), making it the perfect choice on a chilly winter day. Slurp up the carrot and ginger or split peas version for around 200 calories, plus plenty of fiber and protein. ($2.99; for stores)

Chobani Pumpkin Spice Greek Yogurt
Sure, we're seeing pumpkin spiced everything these days, but what better way to enjoy fall’s most popular flavor than in a convenient container of creamy Greek yogurt? Available for a limited time while supplies last, this yogurt prominently features autumnal flavors like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and allspice that will transport you straight to the pumpkin patch. Chobani also offers an apple cinnamon flavor this fall if that's more your style. ($1.29;


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