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10-Minute Cardio Craze Workout

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Do you feel like you have no time to fit in a workout that really makes a difference with your physique? Get ready to give your metabolism a boost and turn your body into a calorie-torching machine. This high-intensity, total-body workout makes it possible to lose weight and improve muscle tone and bone density without having to go to a gym. Grab a towel and a bottle of water. You are going to need them!

How it works: Do as many reps as possible of each exercise for 60 seconds, focusing on form.

1. On Your Marks: Stand tall with feet hip-width apart and arms hanging freely at sides. Keep chin parallel to the floor and begin sprinting in place as fast as possible.

2. Tush and Heels: Get in a lunge position with right foot forward and hands resting on hips. Keep a natural arch in lower back and chin parallel with the floor. Engage core and lower hips to floor until right knee forms a 90-degree angle. Quickly drive hips to ceiling, simultaneously kicking left heel to tush. Reverse direction. After 30 seconds, switch legs.

3. Single-Leg Dips: Stand with feet hip-width apart and chin parallel with the floor. Kick right foot up toward butt, simultaneously reaching right hand back and grabbing ankle. Hold foot firmly against glute while standing on left leg. Engage core, bend left knee, and lower hips as low as you can toward the floor. Reverse direction to starting position. After 30 seconds, switch legs. 

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4. Snowboarders: Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and hands on hips. Squat, lowering hips until thighs become parallel with the floor. Quickly drive hips toward the ceiling, simultaneously jumping as high as possible and rotating torso 180 degrees to the left. (Be sure to jump as high a possible off of the floor to ensure full torso rotation.) Land facing the opposite direction. Upon landing, lower into a squat and jump again, this time turning to the right. Continue, alternating directions.

5. Frog Backs: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and arms at sides. Keep chin parallel with the floor, engage core, and quickly lower hips toward the floor until knees form a 90-degree angle. As soon as hips drop to lowest point, jump forward as high and far as possible, simultaneously swing arms overhead. Upon landing, drop into a full-squat position, thighs parallel with the floor. Drive arms fully overhead and jump up toward ceiling as high as possible. Land, turn around, and see if you can jump back to starting position.

6. Hop and Twists: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and arms at sides. Swing arms back past hips while chin remains parallel with the floor. Quickly drive hips toward the ceiling while simultaneously swinging arms overhead, and jumping up and out as far possible. In the air, begin rotating torso 180 degrees to the right. Land facing starting position. Upon landing, drop back into a full-squat position and swing arms back behind hips. Jump again, this time rotating torso to the left. Continue, repeating direction.

7. Star Jacks: Stand with feet together and arms at sides. Jump up as high as possible, simultaneously swinging arms laterally overhead and kicking legs out to the sides as wide as possible. (Think about performing a traditional jumping jack at the highest point.) Land in start position.

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8. Spidermans: Stand tall with feet hip-width apart and chin parallel with the floor. Engage core, extend hands overhead, and raise left knee until thigh becomes parallel with the floor. Standing on right leg, reach hands toward the floor as you lower and lean forward at the hips. Palms will land in front of right foot. Quickly walk hands out until body comes to a plank position. Keeping left foot off the floor, reverse direction back to starting position. As soon as hands extend back overhead, hop up off the floor with right leg. After 30 seconds, switch legs.

9. Single-Arm Mountain Climbers: Get in a plank position with hands in line with shoulders. Extend right hand out in front of body parallel to the floor so body is supported by left hand. Draw right knee up toward navel. Quickly switch the position of the left and right foot as fast as possible. After 30 seconds, switch arms. Keep eyes focused on the floor throughout the entire movement.

10. Single-Arm Wide Outs: Get in plank position with feet together, forming a straight line from head to hips. Engage core and extend right arm laterally out to right side remain parallel with the floor. Quickly jump both feet out laterally in opposite directions. Bring feet back together. After 30 seconds, switch arms. 


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