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5 Exercises to Make You Feel Like a Kid Again


When you were a kid, do you ever remember saying, "Man, I really wish I didn't had to run around with my friends today" or, "The last thing I want to do right now is swing on the monkey bars." Didn't think so. Fitness was enjoyable back then! What happened? Today we have to perform a certain amount of repetitions, train within a certain heart rate range, and even wear the proper pants to that mandatory class that will…Blah, blah, blah. Stop!

My mantra is—and always will be—fitness is a "regression to progression." In other words, to get in shape and be healthy, act like child. Eat on smaller plates, make physical recess part of your day, and don't make fitness a stressful experience.

I've prepared this routine that incorporates some kid-like moves but, of course, with my twist. So throw on some knee-high gym socks and wear your pigtails. You're about to jump back so that you can move forward!

How It Works
Perform as many repetitions of each exercise as possible for 60 seconds. If you are performing as a complete workout, take a 30-second rest in between each exercise.

1. Jumping Jills: Stand tall with feet pressed firmly together and hands at your sides. In one explosive movement, jump toward the ceiling. As you jump, swing your hands out to the sides and then overhead, simultaneously kicking legs out as wide as possible. Upon landing, quickly jump back up and repeat.
Coach's Tip: To ensure major caloric expenditure and muscle activation, spend the least amount of time on the floor as possible.

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2. Squat Thrust and Kick: Stand tall with feet shoulder-width apart and hands at sides. Quickly squat down and place hands in front of feet. Jump feet backward to a traditional pushup position. Quickly jump feet back under hips and press off ground with hands to drive back into a standing position. Blast out two front kicks with both legs. Retract and repeat.
Coach's Tip: Have fun with this move, switching it up with front, side, and alternating back kicks. Hey, you're kid creative!

3. Pogo Pushups: Begin in traditional pushup position. Lower body as far as possible to the ground and perform a pushup. As soon you bring your body to the start position, jump both feet to your right as far as possible, legs together. Then quickly jump as far as possible to the left. Continuing jumping back and forth for a total of 10 repetitions (5 on each side). Perform pushup and repeat this sequence for 60 seconds.
Coach's Tip: To ensure proper form throughout this exercise, be certain to keep gluteus, lower lumber, and abdominal region contracted.

4. Not Your Gym Teacher's Abs: Begin in a traditional pushup position with hands directly under shoulders, legs fully extended. In one explosive motion, drive right knee up toward navel while simultaneously reaching down toward navel with left hand. Tap knee with hand, then retract back to start position. Immediately repeat with left knee and right hand. Alternate as fast as possible.
Coach's Tip: To avoid raising hips too high, contract gluteus and abdominal regions as tight as possible, and exhale during the reaching part of the movement.

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5. High Knees, Jump: Run in place with high knees as fast as possible, pumping your arms. Start counting backward from 10. As soon as you say the number "one," reach toward the ceiling and jump as high as possible. Retract and repeat.
Coach's Tip: Keep chin parallel to the floor for the entire 60 seconds. This will help keep your back flat and center your landing.

Childhood Rewards: The days of drinking chocolate milk may have ended shortly after elementary school. However research has shown that drinking this childhood beverage post-workout may actually have great benefits for you. Chocolate milk contains between 8 and 11 grams of proteins and carries with it a strong balance of whey and casein protein for quick and slow absorption of amino acids, making it a great choice after a workout (or a run around the schoolyard!).


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