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The 5-Minute, Get-Your-Body-Back Workout


If you’ve been dreaming of a past body—you know, the one you had before you gained that college weight, got married, had a few kids, or discovered chili-spiked chocolate—wake up and face reality: You can reunite with your former physique. All you need is this simple, effective workout that will give your metabolism a kick in the butt and help firm up yours.

How It Works
For each exercise, perform as many repetitions as possible in 60 seconds. Do not rest between moves.

You’ll Need
A 3- to 5-pound dumbbell (or you can alternate between using a towel or heavy shoe or boot). 

1. Row Kickbacks: Holding the dumbbell in your right hand, come into a pushup position. Keeping abs and gluteus region tight, in one explosive movement, simultaneously row right arm up toward chest, driving elbow past your back, while raising left leg to parallel with the floor. Pause for 1 second, retract, and repeat. Perform for 30 seconds before repeating with left hand and right left for 30 seconds.
Coach’s tip: Upon initiating the row, be certain to contract and squeeze your shoulder blends together as if you had a lemon between your in the middle of the back. Squeeze and make lemon juice. 

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2. Toe-Ins: Holding the dumbbell in your right hand, come into a pushup position. Keeping core contracted, reach right hand down to navel while simultaneously driving left foot upward to meet hand. Pause for 1 second, retract, and repeat. Perform for 30 seconds before repeating with left hand and right foot for 30 seconds.
Coach’s tip: To ensure proper spine alignment, be certain not to raise your hips more than an inch or two from the original starting position. Aim to keep your spine parallel to the floor. 

3. Switchbacks: Begin in a traditional squat position with feet one and a half times shoulder-width apart, knees bent, and thighs parallel to the floor. Holding the dumbbell in both hands in a clasped position, extend arms in front of your body. In one explosive movement, jump and rotate your torso to the right while grabbing the dumbbell with your right hand and fully extend out your arm. You will now be positioned with your body in a full squat position facing toward the right with your right arm extended out at the side. Explosively jump back to the start position and hold the dumbbell in both hands. Perform the exact same movement jumping to the left. Continue alternating twisting right and left.
Coach’s tip: To ensure proper positioning of your hips, be certain to keep your chin focused in the same direction as your navel. 

4. Press Pluses: Stand tall holding the dumbbell by the ends at chest level, elbows bent. In one explosive manner, jump both feet out into a deep squat while simultaneously pressing the dumbbell out in front of you, arms fully extended. Retract and repeat.
Coach’s tip: To ensure a quick and explosive movement, remain on your toes throughout the entire exercise. 

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5. Uni-Split Presses: Stand holding the dumbbell in your right hand at your right shoulder and left hand on left hip. Take a large step forward with right foot to come into a deep lunge. In one explosive manner, simultaneously press the dumbbell toward the ceiling as you drive your hips as high possible in a fast manner so that your feet come off the ground. Upon landing, fall softly back into the deep lunge. Retract and repeat on the right side for 30 seconds before switching to the left side.
Coach’s tip: It is important to concentrate on your breathing throughout this movement. As you drive toward the ceiling, pretend that you are blowing your birthday candles out, and upon landing, take a deep breath in.


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