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5 Minutes to a Tighter Tummy, Tush, and Thighs


Tomorrow is the first day of spring and you know what that means—time for the bulky layers to start coming off! To get ready for spring's skin-baring skirts and dresses, I’ve created a 5-minute, triple-T workout to tone your tummy, tush, and thighs.

The routine uses Rapid Muscle Response®, which consists of intense 30-second bouts of choreographed, fast-flow activity. This type of movement recruits a greater amount of muscle fibers in a shorter amount of time than traditional exercises. Rapid Muscle Response® increases stability, balance, and strength while creating a greater post-workout calorie burn. 
How It Works

Complete this routine up to three times a week. Do each move as many times as possible for 30 seconds without resting between exercises.

1. Lunar Lifts: Begin as in a single-legged side plank with left knee on the ground and left palm on the floor, arm fully extended and directly under left shoulder. Extend right leg to the floor, keeping right hand firmly on hip. Quickly raise right leg until it is parallel to the floor. Hold for a moment, then lower to the ground. 
Coach’s tip: Keep your glutes and abdominal region tight to ensure proper spinal alignment.

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2. Forward Ferris Wheels: Begin in the same position as with Lunar Lifts. Raise right leg until it is parallel to the floor and hold it there. Keeping leg fully extended, make small forward circles.
Coach’s tip: Flex your foot so that your toes are pointing toward your face to help strengthen the tibialis enterior, the front portion of your shin.

3. Reverse Ferris Wheels: Perform Forward Ferris Wheels, this time circling leg in the opposite direction.
Coach’s tip: To make this move harder, raise your leg three to six inches above parallel.

4-6. Repeat moves one through three in order on the left side.

7. Single-Legged Burpee: Stand on right leg, left knee raised to navel height, hands extended overhead. In one explosive movement, lower into a single-legged squat, placing hands on the floor in front of your body. Jump right foot back so that you're in a single-legged plank position. Pause, then jump right foot back under body into a squat position. Raise hips and hands toward the ceiling as you come to a standing position on your right foot. Repeat for 30 seconds and repeat standing on left leg for an additional 30 seconds.
Coach’s tip: Move at a slower pace than you would with a two-footed burpee. Aim for quality, not quantity.

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8. Sling-Shot Squats: Kneel with gluteus resting on heels. In one quick movement, push the tops of your feet down into the floor as you drive hips upward, until you “sling shot” your entire body off the floor and land firmly on your feet. Upon landing, immediately lower hips in a deep squat. At the bottom of the squat, drop knees onto to the floor and return to the original position.
Coach’s tip: The goal of this protocol is to lift the hips as fast as possible to get up onto your feet. To make this easier, begin with your hands behind your hips. As you push your feet down into the floor, simultaneously swing your hands upward toward the ceiling as fast as possible to create extra momentum.

9. Double Backs: Begin in a deep squat with feet one and a half shoulder widths apart, thighs parallel to the ground, hands on hips. In one swift motion, swing hands forward while simultaneously jumping as far forward as possible. Upon landing, lower into a full squat and jump back as quickly as possible.
Coach’s tip: Jump for distance, not height. To ensure proper biomechanics, swing your arms horizontally as opposed to vertically.


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