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5 Moves for Hot Hips


Shakira was right when she said hips don't lie—they can reflect every poor eating decision made! Plus hips aren't exactly easy to conceal like other parts of the body.

And now you don't have to worry about trying to cover them up this summer. The five moves I've designed below will slim them and shape them in time for you to flaunt your favorite cutoffs or two-piece.

How It Works
Perform as many repetitions of each exercise as possible in 60 seconds. Take a 30 second rest between each move. Do this workout 1 to 3 times depending on fitness level and time available.

You'll Need
Two small hand towels and a pair of old socks.

1. Hip-Ins: Start kneeling with a towel (or sock) resting under each knee, hands resting at sides. (Your body should be upright from knees to head—you should not be on all fours.) Brace core and push knees out to the sides as far as you can. Pause and reverse motion (squeeze) back to center.
Coach's Tip: To ensure a straight back, pretend that you are squeezing the juice out of a piece of fruit between your shoulder blades. The contraction of muscles will help provide solid back support and a healthy spine.

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2. Hipster Swings: Begin in pushup position with hands directly under shoulders and legs fully extended behind you. Drive right knee up toward your navel and hold. In a sweeping motion, swing right leg out to right as high and fast as possible. As knee descends back down, allow it to swing past its original starting position toward left hip. Your body should remain in a fixed position while your right knee swings back and forth. After 30 seconds, switch to your left leg.
Coach's Tip: To give your hips a bigger blast, raise your knee as high as possible when swinging outward.

3. Knee Scratchers: Jump quickly back into a pushup position. Pause. Drive right knee up to your right elbow. In one sweeping motion, slide the top of your knee along your forearm and down toward your wrist. Pause and reverse directions. After 30 seconds, switch to your left leg.
Coach's Tip: To avoid hips lifting too high throughout this exercise, contract abdominals and press out with your navel. This will ensure a flat back.

4. Hip Kicks: Remain in pushup position and brace core. In one explosive manner, hop both feet up toward glutes. Once feet land, retract and repeat as fast as possible. Do not slam feet into ground; rather retract back to the floor in a controlled manner.
Coach's Tip: This tip may sound trivial, but be sure to wear shoes when performing this exercise.

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5. Unilateral Hand Switching Burpees: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands at sides. Quickly squat down and place right palm on the ground. (Left hand will not touch the floor but can remain at side or drop under your chest.) Jump both legs back into a pushup position. Reverse motion and jump legs back under hips into a squat position. Jump off the ground as high as possible, reaching both arms toward the ceiling. Repeat, this time using left arm to support the burpee and make contact with the floor while right arm remains off the floor. Continue alternating arms.
Coach's Tip: This is an intense hip-blasting move. To ensure proper form, take your time. You can begin by simply keeping one hand off of the ground on the first half or second half of the burpee until your confidence and strength increases.


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