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7 Bodyweight Exercises for Busy Women


When trying to balance your career and personal life, finding time to work out can make you want to give up on a fitness plan before you even get started. But not so fast. I have created this simple and effective workout that will boost your metabolism and burn fat, and—best of all—it requires less than 10 minutes.

These seven moves synergistically combine strength and cardiovascular training, and force the body to recruit more muscle fibers. This not only increases growth and strength after you work out but also causes what I call the "after effect." (I.e. You to keep burning calories even after you've stopped sweating!) What are you waiting for? No more excuses! Get out there and make it happen.

How It Works
Perform each exercise for 60 seconds without resting between each move. Complete 1 to 3 cycles of the workout, depending on fitness level, and rest 60 seconds between cycles.

1. Scorpions: Begin in a traditional pushup position. Engage core and reach left hand back over body toward right glute. Simultaneously kick right foot back toward the midline of your back. Bring hand and foot together over tailbone. Pause, then return to starting position. Perform the same move with right hand and left foot. Continue to alternate.
Coach's Tip: To stabilize your body, keep feet hip-width apart throughout the entire duration of the exercise.

2. Corkscrew Burpees: Stand tall with feet shoulder-width apart, hands hanging freely at sides. Squat hips toward the ground and place palms directly in front of feet. Jump both feet back into pushup position. Pause, then jump feet back under hips. Reach hands toward the ceiling as you jump up, simultaneously rotating hips 180 degrees to the right. Upon landing, repeat movement, this time rotating to the left. Continue to alterate.
Coach's Tip: Do not rush the torso rotation. Aim to drive both your hips and hands with intent as you turn and jump up as far as possible.

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3. Star Fish: Begin in a traditional pushup position. Brace core and jump both hands up and out in opposite directions as far as possible while simultaneously kicking feet out as wide as possible. Pause, then jump back.
Coach's Tip: Move your body as one unit, jumping both hands and feet at the same exact time.

4. Alternating Lunge Jump Skiers: Begin in a standard lunge position with hands resting on hips, right foot forward, and left foot approximately 2 feet behind hips. Bend right leg 90 degrees with left knee 1 to 2 inches from the floor. Brace core and jump hips as high as possible toward the ceiling and to the right. As your hips drive upward, quickly switch positions with your feet, bringing left foot in front and right foot behind hips. Land back in full lunge position. Repeat, this time jumping as far as possible to the left. Continue to alternate.
Coach's Tip: To keep your spine safe and aligned, be sure to keep your chin parallel to ground throughout the entire movement.

5. Rip Cords: Begin in a seated position on the floor with knees bent 90 degrees and feet flat on ground. Place palms at sides about 12 inches from glutes with fingers facing away from body. Simultaneously press hands and feet into ground and extend hips up until back is parallel with floor. Brace core. Reach right hand up and over the midline of your body while kicking left foot toward the ceiling. Bring them to touch over your navel. Pause and reverse direction. Repeat with opposite hand and foot and continue to alternate.
Coach's Tip: Avoid rounding your back by keeping your glutes and abs contracted throughout the entire movement.

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6. Single Hip Ups: Begin in a staggered stance with left knee forward and bent 90 degrees, and right knee resting firmly on the ground 12 inches behind hip. Brace core, press left foot into floor, and drive hips up as you step up, lifting right knee and foot off the ground. (All of your weight should be balancing in your left foot.) Bring right knee to meet left knee. Pause and reverse the move. Be sure to keep right foot off of the ground the entire time you step up until you bring it back down to the ground. Perform for 30 seconds, then switch sides.
Coach's Tip: To increase hip speed, simply swing your arms past your hips and toward the ceiling and as you step up.

7. "T" Ups: Begin in a modified pushup position with hands directly under shoulders and knees bent on the floor. Form a straight line from your head to knees. Brace core and extend right leg back until it becomes parallel to the floor. Brace core and lower upper body and hips to the floor until chest is 1 inch off the floor. Pause and reverse the move. Repeat for 30 seconds, then switch legs.
Coach's Tip: Think of the three Hs when performing this move: head, heart, and hip. All should remain in one straight line throughout the entire movement.


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