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The Best Sex (Workout) You’ll Ever Have


For years, people have searched for ways to heat things up in the bedroom, including superfoods for better sex, tricks to eliminate excuses ("I’m too tired" or "I have a headache" sound familiar?), or simply learning how to ask for what you want. The one thing that seems to do the trick time after time? Stamina.

To help bring your A-game this Valentine's Day (morning, evening, night, or all of the above), I created these five moves—done in bed—that are sure to make things scorching hot between the sheets.

Yes, in bed. Much like a balance board, your bed helps with the development of proprioception, the feedback loop between the body and the brain. As you perform the moves, you will be conditioning your brain to make quick, stabilizing adjustments to your body's position. Your body then reacts by re-stabilizing, which has a host benefits to both your physical health and your sexual performance.

The constant re-stabilizing and repositioning that you do throughout this workout helps create greater security and confidence during all your favorite Valentine's Day positions since you'll be working muscles that are commonly engaged throughout sex.


  • You will need a pillow
  • Perform the entire workout in bed
  • Perform as many repetitions as possible in 60 seconds
  • Do not rest between exercises
  • Complete one to three cycles depending on your fitness level

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1. Cupid Calls: Sit with feet on the bed in front of you, knees bent, arms resting at sides. Place a pillow between knees and squeeze as hard as possible. Support upper body on palms with fingers pointing away from hips. In one forceful motion, push down into hands and feet, extending elbows and raising hips and chest up toward the ceiling so that body is in tabletop position, back parallel to the bed. Hold the position and squeeze glutes. Return to starting position and repeat as many times as possible in 60 seconds.
Coach’s tip: Keep chin and chest at a 90-degree angle to keep unwanted stress out of neck.

2. Lingerie Lifts: Begin in the same position as with Cupid Calls. Rise into the tabletop position and fully extend right leg out in front, parallel to the bed. Lower, then raise the leg as fast as possible to a 90-degree angle. Lower and repeat as many times as possible for 30 seconds. Repeat with left leg for 30 seconds.
Coach’s tip: Contract glutes as tight as possible to keep hips from sagging throughout the move.

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3. Down on One Knee: Lay flat on stomach with palms of hands resting directly under shoulders. Bring knees together and bend them so feet are off the bed. Extend arms to raise body so weight is supported by hands and knees. Fully extend right leg back until it is parallel to the bed. From this position, lower hips and chest toward the bed until it almost touches it, like a one-legged modified pushup. Push up to starting and repeat for 30 seconds. Repeat on the left for another 30 seconds.
Coach’s tip: Lower chest and navel toward the bed in a straight line to ensure proper form.

4. Amour Accents: Begin in a traditional plank position, legs fully extended behind hips while weight of upper torso is resting firmly on forearms. Reach right hand out in front of body until arm is fully extended. Retract and alternate between right and left arms as fast as possible for 60 seconds.
Coach’s tip: Focus gaze down toward the bed to keep unwanted stress off of neck.

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5. I Heart Yous: Begin in a traditional pushup position, legs fully extended behind hips, hands resting firmly under each shoulder. Simultaneously reach right hand down toward navel as left knee drives upward toward navel. The two will meet and touch directly under bellybutton. Retract and alternate between right hand/left knee and left hand/right knee as fast as possible for 60 seconds.
Coach’s tip: To maintain proper footing, do not wear socks.


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