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Celebrate Yourself, Celebrity Style


Flash bulbs seem to go off every time a celebrity drops five or 10 pounds or has a dramatic body weight transformation. Well, what about us? Where’s the pomp and circumstance when we make that commitment to take hold of our lives and invest in ourselves? Whether you are a mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, or simply someone's BFF, you are a celebrity in your own right and you deserve to feel like one.  I am preparing you for your walk down the “red carpet" (it’s ok if that means your office hallway) with five unique ways to keep that New Year’s resolution in gear, or finally get it started.  So, strike a pose and follow the following steps to help you on your road to feeling your fittest:

1. Get a manicure: If you are thinking about starting a diet plan, your first order of business should be to get a manicure. You will be more likely to make healthier foods choices, as opposed to reaching into a bag of Fritos, when you feel more polished and put together.  It’s crazy but absolutely true.  And, won’t it be nice to avoid that confidence-deflating moment of discovering Frito crumbs under your nails?

2. Window shop: I’m not talking about the most expensive, “out of my range” spots, just walk around your local mall or shopping district to not only burn a few calories but to try on the new outfits you will be slipping into when you reach your weight goals. Try on items that are one or two sizes smaller than your current size and have a friend or store associate take a picture of you wearing them.  It will be fun to look back at the images when you fit into those outfits perfectly.  Take advantage of stores that provide professional fittings—the celebs get custom fittings and so can you.

3. Invest in new kicks: I hear that nothing makes a girl happier than a new pair of shoes. And, while a pair of Louboutins, might be nice, fun new sneakers will give you a boost and keep you on track. These days, sneakers are as varied as one can imagine–15 years ago, you would never call sneakers stylish but now you can snag a pair that looks downright high-fashion.  That said, be sure to get a pair that looks good and addresses your personal needs and properly supports your body.

4. Create guidelines and live the part: Use stickers on a calendar to mark workout days and one day that month that you will celebrate yourself with a treat. Get creative and make the markers out of a picture of the bikini you are dying to get or the beach you want to visit. Also, create your personal “script” by writing down your fitness goals and posting them wherever you will see them most.  Many actors adopt a new character even when they are off camera and this can work for you too. Your new role is a fit, happy, and healthy you. Feel that you are your future self. The more you see and imagine your goals, the more focused you will be in sticking to your plan.

5. Don’t wait for the big reveal, share your news: You are striving to make the best of yourself so, why not tell someone? One of the best ways to hold yourself accountable is to announce what you are doing. Post it on Facebook, let your family know or inform a girlfriend who will keep you in check. Friends tend to rally when you discuss losing five pounds or running a mile in a certain time. That support will build confidence, which will give you even more of a push to move forward with your fitness plan.


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