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Exercise Book Review: Jay Cardiello’s Cardio Core 4x4


If you love the workouts you’ve been seeing here on the Fit List or the awesome beach body workout videos we’ve been posting you’re in luck! Celebrity trainer Jay Cardiello’s new book Cardio Core 4x4 gives you even more workouts and fitness tips you can do at home or anywhere! 

My favorite things about Cardio Core 4x4 is that you only need a four foot by four foot space to execute all the moves—perfect for a tiny apartment or hotel room. If it’s time that’s tight, good news for you too, this program consists of 20-minute workouts which are done just four times a week for 40 days with no gear. Every move requires just your body weight. 

Cardio Core 4x4 is packed with 100 exercise variations, accompanied by over 200 color photographs to illustrate them, “anytime exercises” you can sneak in while brushing your teeth or sitting in the car, and muscle building tips to prevent injuries caused by sedentary desk jobs. In addition to all the fitness tips, you’ll find fun nutritional advice in bite-sized takeaways throughout the book. My favorite: having a small bowl of ice cream up to two hours after your workout, will help trigger a surge in insulin better than most other post-workout foods. Also, ice cream will put a damper on post-workout protein breakdown. 

Check out some of our favorite workouts from Cardiello here and pick up a copy of Cardio Core 4x4 ($15; to get fit in 40 days:



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