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Workout Wednesday: 20 Minutes to Thinner Thighs and Lean Legs


In just a few months, you will be unveiling those two hidden beauties that, most likely, haven’t seen a glimpse of sun since Labor Day weekend—I’m talking about your legs. So, what’s a girl to do to get ready and avoid swimsuit stress? A 20-minute tush-tightening, thigh-trimming, knee fat-removing, calf-toning workout of course! Enter the best thinner legs workout, a lower-body routine that requires little time and just your body. It works wonders because it is based on the science of short burst training (SBT), using a series of high intensity, short-timed exercises that will develop your leg muscles more effectively than traditional cardiovascular training. This will not only help you achieve your best legs ever, but will also shed that unwanted fat from your mid-section. This hips to heels routine focuses on training the largest muscles in your body, which will actually rev-up your metabolism, causing you to burn more fat overall.



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