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Workout Wednesday: Feel Better in 20 Minutes


Welcome to the first official Workout Wednesday on! Every week I offer live video workouts on my website, and this week I thought I'd share the workout with you. Today's 20-minute program is all about getting you fit for the types of movements you do in everyday life.

Athletes train using specific protocols that will prepare themselves for what they do every day, play a sport. In football, you charge at a blocking dummy. In boxing, you hit a punching bag. Athletes train against the pretend opponent. Yet, while most people's days are spent at a desk, sitting in a car, holding a baby and so on, they don't train for that. People who sit at a desk all day long typically hit the treadmill or grab weights, and they aren't addressing what their specific body needs. That's where the aching backs and other issues come in. So this workout is designed to help you train for your field of play—the office, home, or vehicle.

In this workout, all moves will be performed on the ground (mostly on your hands and knees). The body will be positioned so that if you rolled back, you would be in the perfect chair sitting position and your hands would be at desk level. Essentially, it is a workout to strengthen and support your body so that it can effectively continue its daily norms. Now let's get to it!



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