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The Fit List with Jay Cardiello

6 Minutes to Slimmer Thighs

These moves used by Sofia Vergara, Minka Kelly, and J-Lo will tone your upper legs from every angle for super sexy gams.

HIIT It! 8-Minute Total Body Workout

Boost your metabolism and start shedding fat--stat with this fast-paced, heart-pounding routine.

The Best Way to Add Muscle

Not everyone wants to slim down. If you're looking to tone up and add healthy weight, follow this training plan.

10 Exercises for a Perfect-10 Flat Belly

Sit-ups and crunches are so blase. Cinch up your middle with these unique abs exercises you've never tried before.

The Best Time of Day to Work Out

Celebrity trainer Jay Cardiello investigates the ongoing debate. Or does it even matter when it comes to getting results!

Speedy Workout for a Rock-Solid Core

Build strength in your midsection in 7 minutes with these bodyweight exercises that attack your abs from every angle.

Ditch Arm Flab Forever

These 5 exercises are all you need to be able to wear sleeveless tops and dresses with confidence.

Turn the Body You Have into the Body You Want

Say goodbye to muffin top, bra bulge, back fat, and more with this total-body workout.

When Skipping Your Workout is a Smart Move

Learn the best plan for rest days so your muscles and mind can recover and be fully prepared to kill it in your next workout.

The HIIT Workout for Fast Weight Loss

If you have a big event or beach vacation coming up, here's how to slim down last-second.

Are Quivering Muscles a Good Thing?

Our expert reveals if working out so hard that your body starts to shake means you're really working it or that you're overdoing it.

3 Reasons Women Get Cankles

Trainer Jay Cardiello explores the three main reasons women suffer from thick ankles and what they can do about it.

Power Plank Workout

Melt ab flab to reveal a rock-hard core in 9 minutes!

Work Out Like a Fashion Model

Get runway-ready at home with these 5 model-approved moves from celebrity trainer Jay Cardiello.

Get Your Dream Body Back

All it takes is 5 minutes and 5 moves to return your physique to your pre-baby, college, pre-marriage--you get the picture--shape.

5 Mood-Lifting Exercises to Beat the Blues

Exercise is a great way to raise your spirits but getting started can be daunting when you're feeling down. Try these five easy mood-boosting moves to ease your way to a happier day.

The Best Shoes for Strength Training

Running shoes aren't the only ones that matter: What you wear while lifting can drastically affect your results.

Lose Weight Sitting at Your Desk

Don't let your job make you fat! Turn your office space into a weight-lose weapon with these 10 easy tips.

Finally Drop Those Last 10 Pounds!

This 10-exercise circuit is just the thing to help you lose the stubborn weight that's keeping you from your fittest body.

How to Get Back In Shape When You Haven't Been to the Gym in Ages

If you've fallen off the fitness track, don't be dismayed. These tips will help you ease back in and commit for good this time.

Super Squat Workout

These variations on the classic butt exercise will strengthen and lift your rear in 6 minutes.

The Best Tool for a Deeper Self-Massage

Foam rollers are great, but try this cheap alternative for harder-to-reach and super-stressed muscles.

5 Core Exercises Better than Crunches

These moves engage more than twice as many muscles as a classic crunch. Add them to your routine for the tight toned tummy you've always wanted.

5 Flat-Belly Secrets

Score the sleek stomach of your dreams by incorporating these easy tricks into your routine.

5 Moves for Fabulous, Flab-Less Arms

Ditch the bat wings with these exercises that also build core strength and target your lower body!

8-Minute Fat-Burning Workout

Lacking motivation? Too busy to hit the gym tonight? This routine is the perfect post-work solution.