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Flying Solo: Day 11, On the Way to Barcelona


I woke up today still in disbelief that a week of riding, the main pursuit of my travels, was finally over. I'm on day 11 of my trip and though I was so exhausted I could have boarded a plane and headed home right then, it was just the beginning of the most anticipated part of the trip - the ocean and the beautiful beaches of Barcelona. Today was a transitional day from the Gredos Mountains back to Madrid with my final destination being Barcelona.

I dozed in and out during the two hour car ride to Madrid as we left the small villages I'd grown to love behind us. I had a two-hour wait for my train at the Madrid station and yet another three hours on the train before arriving in Barcelona. Although my body felt as though it were on the verge of shutting down, I managed  to stay alert enough to travel safely, while somehow staying calm as I took in yet even more of the Spanish countryside through the train windows.

Today's photo is one I want to remember. One of the best things about this trip was being able to immerse myself into the Spanish countryside without feeling like a complete tourist, which wouldn't have been possible without getting to know the locals immensely.

Signing Off Missing the Locals Already,


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