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Flying Solo: Day 12, Eating My Way Through Barcelona


I made it to Barcelona safe and sound last night! I checked into the hotel that I'd be staying in the next four days (cue sigh of relief from the thought of staying put for a while) and went to bed early. I woke up well-rested this morning and started the day with a lovely breakfast at my hotel. I then took a leisurely stroll through the heart of downtown Barcelona (also known as the the Gothic quarter). My eyes widened as I walked down Las Ramblas, and my jaw dropped when I stumbled upon the Mercat de Sant Josep/ La Boqueria (Barcelona’s best-known market). Here, finally, were all of the people that I'd been so far removed from the week before. As I looked at all of the bright colors of the market's fruits, vegetables, meats and sweets I could feel my heart beating faster from the excitement I yearn for when I'm away from New York City.

At 11 a.m., I arrived at Cook and Taste, a traditional Spanish cooking course that my very knowledgeable friend, Joanna from Seven Hills hit another home run on.

Today's picture is of Chef Ignacio teaching me how to properly garnish the chupito de sopa de tomate al aroma de Idiazabal de peio garcia amiano (in other words, shot of tomato soup flavored with Idiazabel smoked cheese). The course was approximately four hours and we learned how to make this soup along with tortilla de patatas, pan con tomate, paella valencian style and crema catalana. Don't worry, I've linked to all of these delicious recipes below for you to try on your own at home and would love to hear how they turn out for you. I know I'll be making an attempt to at least try and recreate a few of them upon my return as well.

After the cooking class, I toured around the city for several hours with my newfound energy and properly fueled soul. And this evening for dinner I took up a suggestion from the new friends I had met the week before in Lisbon, Eric  and Amanda. We had basically done the same trip (minus the horseback riding for them) but backwards, so they had some really great dining advice for me once I arrived to Barcelona. Later, at Maitea Taberna I took a seat at the bar next what happened to be a couple from Chicago. We had a great time chatting, drinking sangria and eating tapas.

Click below to find each of my favorite recipes that I brought back from Spain: 

Pan con tomate (tomato bread)

Creamy Gazpacho

Crema Catalan (Catalan cream)

Tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelet)

Vegetable and brown rice paella

Signing Off Spanish-Food Lover (and Maker),

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