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Flying Solo: Day 13, A Day of Rest and Relaxation


Every now and then we all need to remind ourselves to slow down a bit, breathe deeper and to relax. And that's exactly what I did today. Months before the trip started, I booked a day at the W Hotel, with the anticipation that I'd need a "down" day after a full week of horseback riding.

There's so much to do and see in Barcelona that I was a bit hesitant to take a day off when I arrived, but after a full day filled with cooking classes, city tours, and dining out and meeting new friends for tapas yesterday, I felt like I had covered a lot of ground and could benefit from a day of leisure.

The W is located on the beachfront along the Barceloneta boardwalk and provides panoramic city and sea views; it's a little off of the beaten path but I was happy to be heading there after breakfast this morning at my hotel. The plan was to show up early and take advantage of their spa facilities before and after the forty-five minute massage I had scheduled and then to find somewhere along the beach to have a late lunch.

Today's picture is the beautiful beach in Barcelona, a view one can enjoy endlessly from the W hotel. Although I didn't make it to the beach today, I did spend the majority of the day lying by the beach, enjoying lunch, soaking up some sun, listening to music and meeting even more new friends. I admit, it was heavenly.

Signing Off Rested and Relaxed,


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