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Flying Solo: Day Eight, Fourth Day of Horseback Riding


Well, I spoke too soon. Just as day three came to an end, and it appeared that things were taking a turn for the brighter side, I discovered yet another setback last night. When we arrived at the hotel, we met for lunch, took a cat nap and then went into the village of El Barco de Avila to tour around a bit. Later, I realized when sitting down on my bed to check my email, that my bum was exceptionally sore. I'm not talking just a little ache or pain, I mean, it seriously hurt to sit on a soft surface.

So, that night I went to dinner, feeling defeated and more frustrated than ever. I was on the verge of breaking down when I decided to confide in my fellow riders about the situation. It turns out, I was in the company of a German bio-chemist, Dominik  (responsible for approving prescription drugs before they hit the market), and a German doctor, Ursula who knew? After sitting through a very uncomfortable dinner, Dominik and Ursula said they had just the thing for my sore bum and took me upstairs to one of their rooms. While Dominik went to get the cream they had talked about at dinner, Ursula asked me to drop my pants so she could take a peek. Hesitantly, but willing to do anything to solve this problem, I showed her my bum. Immediately, she said something to Dominik, and he rushed back downstairs. They instructed me to use something called Bepanthen cream overnight and once again in the morning and hope for favorable results. At this point I wasn't going to be riding tomorrow because I was in so much pain, so I went home, did what was instructed, and prayed.

Today's picture is a reflection of exactly how I felt in the morning when I awoke to my bum feeling normal again. Although the cream Ursula and Dominik gave me is designed for babies, in my eyes, it's a miracle cream. Somehow, I was able to walk, sit and stand without feeling the pain of my rashy, red, raw bum. Hallelujah! So onwards we rode. The fourth day was a very long day: We rode more than five hours and covered about 20 miles from Barco de Avila to Hoyorredondo, stopping along the way for a delectable lunch of rabbit, fries, white asparagus, potato salad, and gazpacho with raw onion, ham, peppers and cooked egg.

This evening when we arrived at our adorable rural village inn, we had a special experience washing the horses off in the sunset (see the picture above). It was a beautiful sight watching their sweaty bodies welcome the cool water like they were children playing in a sprinkler. After they were all clean, we sat on the porch watching the horses play in the backyard where they were kept that evening. There's not much in life that tops a comfy bum nestled up in a chair sipping a cold cerveza in the cool sunset with horses galloping around.

Signing Off What a Glorious Day,

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