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Flying Solo: Day Five, Horseback Riding in Spain


Oh boy. I'm not quite sure what I've gotten myself into, but my instincts tell me that I might be in over my head.

I just finished the first day of riding, an "easy introductory" day ride from Navarrendonda toward the Tormes River through the mountains of Sierra de Gredos, and I honestly couldn't be more scared for my life. You see, I grew up riding here and there. And I always ride when I'm on holiday, but I'm far from an expert and have never really been taught the proper way to ride a horse. When I signed up for this trip, I thought to myself, "Eh, this is something you've always wanted to do - a progressive ride in a foreign land - so why not give it a go?" And I must say, though, "all levels are welcome," I admittedly should I say this? A bit behind.

Looking on the bright side, (because there is a lot of gloom right now, given the head cold that I've just caught, the lack of sleep, and the fact that I currently feel like an 80-year-old woman), I'm thankful to have such a supportive riding group - composed of five much more experienced riders, two from Germany, two from England, and one from France. And so far, in a matter of one day I feel like I've learned more about riding than I have my entire life. It's true what they say: You only learn by doing.

Today's picture is from our lunch stop near the Tormes River. It consisted of delicious paella, salad, olives, sangria, sherry, something that resembled Bailey's (these Spaniards sure do drink a lot!), with fruit and coffee for dessert.

Tomorrow I'll be introducing you to Cisco, my beautiful Andalusian white horse (who is confused by me, as are most men, I'm sure of it).

Signing Off Praying for A Good Night's Sleep,


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