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Flying Solo: Day Three in Transition from Lisbon to Madrid


Day three of this exciting adventure and I'm still going full force!

Today was a transit day. I woke up in Lisbon and ended the day in Madrid.

To me, half the fun of traveling alone is the new people that I meet. So far, I've met folks from Ireland, Australia, Spain and Portugal (of course), Canada and California. All of whom were incredibly friendly and loved talking about their adventures. This makes complete sense because after all, we have one thing in commonthirst for the adventure of life.

I was especially excited to meet a couple from New Jersey (Amanda and Eric) during the "We Hate Tourism" tour. Oddly enough, we were booked on the same EasyJet flight to Madrid today. So, as it ended up I wasn't alone after all as I've found myself a couple of travel buddies, company that I've gladly welcomed.

Today's picture is of the new friends I've met along the way, including Amanda and Eric (far left, Eric sitting behind Amanda on the steps). Not only did Amanda, Eric and I spend most of day two together, we enjoyed a delicious meal at local restaurant called Penalva de Graca in Lisbon on our last night. We also traveled on the same flight together to Madrid, visited the Museo del Prado, strolled the streets in a new Spanish city and had another to-die-for meal at a highly recommended local spot called Casa Mingo that specializes in roasted chicken. They are both are foodies at heart and are responsible for the discovery of this spot. Dinner consisted of Sidra (cider),  Pollo Asado (roasted chicken), Empanadas, Ensalada (salad), Chorizo (can't get enough!) and olives. Yum.

Signing Off Full with New Friends!

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