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Flying Solo: Day Two in Lisbon, Portugal


My second day in Lisbon was a really fun day.

I typically don't love doing "tours" but the adored Joanna Stark from Seven Hills (I'll be talking much more about her in future posts) booked me on a full day tour with a company called "We Hate Tourism." Don't you just love that name?

This tour was excellent. It basically consisted of very friendly local folks that drove a small group of us through Lisbon and the surrounding areas, making stops along the way. They would provide us with a sufficient amount of guidance and structure and then turn us loose in the area, which meant skipping all of the chatter that you usually receive during normal tours. It was a safe and lovely way to experience the Portuguese culture without being bogged down with useless information that would be quickly forgotten.

The day started at 9 a.m. and came to close around 6 p.m. We visited the fairy-tale setting in the Hills of Sintra, tasted the favorite local pastry (the quijada), had multiple caffeine fixes, strolled through the extraordinary gardens of Quinta da Regaleira, explored Cabo da Roca, walked along the Guincho Beach, cruised along the coast line to Cascais where we stopped for "the best ice cream in Portugal", and finished the day with a final stop in Belem for one last treat, the famous "Pastel de Belem".

Today's picture is special to me because this is the lunch we were served on the side of the road out of the back of our tour van. It consisted of bread, Portuguese Chouriço, cheese and wine. The cheese was an incredible mixture of sheep, cow and goat milk, and the boxed wine was to die for (Alentejano 2010 Vinho Tinto). I'm so curious if it can actually be found in the states—anyone want to research and let me know?

Signing Off Loving Lisbon,

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