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Flying Solo: A Girl on the Go's International Journey


For all of you gals out there that dream of traveling, but can't seem to find the perfect pal to accompany you on your journeys, I've found the quintessential words of advice for you. The inspiring Teresa Rodriguez Williamson wrote a book for all of us aspiring female jet-setters called, Fly Solo: The 50 Best Places On Earth For a Girl to Travel Alone.  I've read this book cover to cover and use it often as a reference as it considers criteria such as safety, transportation and friendliness to determine a list of destinations for adventurous women, then provides the skinny on each.

In the spirit of taking Teresa up on her recommendations, I'm thrilled to share that soon I'll be visiting two of the featured cities in her book  Lisbon, Portugal, and Barcelona, Spain. Besides being attracted to these two female-friendly destinations because of their close proximity to my ultimate destination of Madrid, where I'll be meeting my fellow horseback riders (more to come on this journey), the following qualities and attributes peaked my interest:

1. Lisbon, Portugal. A direct flight from New York is offered to this beautiful city, making it an effortless trip to take alone. Lisbon is just awakening from years under the spell of obscurity and I'm looking forward to discovering all of the "extraordinary food, lively social scenes and remarkable history" this city has to offer.

2. Barcelona, Spain. After completing seven full days of exploring the western countryside of Spain via horseback, I'll be paying Barcelona a visit before making my return to the states. I haven't met a single person that hasn't fallen in love with this "energetic, vibrant European city that doesn't take herself [sic] too seriously."

Tune in starting September 22nd through October 6th as I invite you to follow along to receive daily updates on this action-packed adventure! Fly, girl, fly!

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To learn more about inspired divas and traveling solo, visit my friend, Teresa's, website at: You can sign up for her monthly newsletters and network with women from around the world to plan your next solo adventure.

Signing Off Flying Solo,

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