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Food scams that may be hurting you!

I just met with one of my favorite nutritionists, Mitzi Dulan—we work together on a regular basis over email and by telephone, but since she was in the city this week I knew I had to finally meet her. (Mitzi works with many pro-athletes, like the Kansas City Royals baseball team, and lots of other A+ clients.) This is one of the things I love about working at Shape: I get to talk to so many experts who are so passionate about what they do and they inspire me to be a better person, which I hopefully can spread to you! Mitzi and I really hit it off during our phone calls because we have a similar view about eating clean, fresh foods and getting involved with the “food revolution” taking place. Today Mitzi was promoting one of her biggest tips—read your food labels!


This is something that we probably don’t do enough, but it’s just so important. Mitzi said, "If you're reading a nutritional label and it feels like you're taking a chemistry test, put it back on the shelf!" Your body deserves good stuff, not some foreign ingredient mixed in your food that can harm you. Something I’m ashamed to admit: but Mitzi brought me two bottles of honey, both packaged in bear-shaped bottles, with simple labeling. One was the real thing, the other just looked like it (wait honey can not be real? what else is in that stuff?). I recognized one of these as the cheap $1.20 bottle I picked up at the dollar store a few months ago. Well, honey is honey, so why spend $4.00 in the food store when this one is just so cheap? But, when I checked out the label on the cheaper one, it was made entirely with high fructose corn syrup—which is why it was labeled as syrup and not honey!! Interesting, right?


This was the perfect point: real honey is made with just that single ingredient, honey, therefore no label is needed. It’s 100% real, pure, good-for-you! I wondered why this bottle of the fake “honey” was allowed to scam people like this. I found out though, that apparently since it’s labeled syrup and not honey, it hasn’t done anything wrong…which is why it’s still on shelves. If people start paying attention to labels, and what’s actually in their food, something like this can’t hurt you.


So, if you’re going to do one thing to start your journey to lose weight or eat better, read your labels. Eating fresh, real food just feels so much better too!


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