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Frozen Peas Are A Shin’s Best Friend

I did something dumb last night… I tried to do a hill workout, even though my shins have been bothering me (more so the left, than the right). Going into the session I knew it wasn't a good idea. My left shin started nagging me on the way to the hill, but I decided I could get through it by running the ups and walking the downs. For the first four sprints up, my willpower was able to mask the pain. And then I felt a twinge that I just couldn't ignore. Rather than cry in front of the dozens of other runners braving the 30-degree temps, I gave up and walked home. 

I sat with a bag of peas tied to my leg for the rest of the evening, and tried not to think about my training plan, the grades I'm getting on miCoach, or Andy Murray (Babe, I just need a little space right now). I'm confused, concerned, and frustrated. All of the advice I've been getting has been helpful, and I'm following most of it already: ice (yes), foam rolling my calves (doing it), stretch (always), strength work (of course), compression socks (just bought a pair), ibuprofen (ok, but I don't really like it), stop wearing heels (as of last Saturday, done), cross training (have you been reading my blog?). 

It has only been a week, and I realize I need to be patient—injuries don’t heal the second you decide to pay attention to them. But I just want to get out there and have a good run. My head needs it more than my body does; after last night's ridiculous hill attempt, it's obvious I'm not thinking straight. 

Countdown to Boston: 45 days!

What do you do to clear your head when you can't exercise?



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