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Full Day of Eats

I think I’m starting to get the hang of eating vegan! For breakfast I had the same oatmeal as two days ago, but with bananas instead of apples. For lunch I had a YUMMY veggie sandwich. The Kickstart plan provides a hummus recipe but I’m not home long enough to use it all up, so I used store-bought. For veggie sandwiches, you can really use whatever’s in the fridge because the flavors all go together really well. Here’s what I did: Ezekiel bread, original flavor hummus, cucumber, roasted red pepper, fresh red pepper, carrot sticks, and lettuce.

Next time I make a veggie sandwich, I’ll try to remember to toast the bread to add an extra crunch.

For dinner I was supposed to make a curried lentil soup and I even bought the groceries, but when dinner time rolled around, I got an invitation to go out, so I decided to get creative with some leftovers!

I went sort of Mexican: spread a scoop of Southern Beans n’ Greens on a whole wheat tortilla and kind of mashed it up to simulate refried beans. Then I did a layer of brown rice, sprinkled some chili powder, and put it under the broiler until the tortilla’s edges got crispy. I ate it with a 2 tbsp each of homemade guacamole and homemade salsa.

My friends had invited me out for dessert and a movie. Before leaving the house, I had an apple with some Better n’ PB so my stomach wouldn’t be grumbling while everyone enjoyed brownies. Then I ordered a hot tea with lemon at the restaurant. I’m finding that most dessert menus don’t offer any vegan options, and telling my friends that I’m vegan removes all social pressure to order dessert! This is really convenient if you’re trying to watch your weight and are sick of making excuses or feeling guilty.

If you’re following along with the Kickstart, how do you like it so far?

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