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Generating a Good Mood


When I first moved to New York a little over five years ago I started a blog that I called Pretty In Pink to capture and reflect on all of my "New York moments". Looking back through this blog I recently came across a post entitled "Generating a Good Mood." Reading it made me smile. Apparently somewhere along the way, in the fury of my new fast-paced life I was looking for ways to refocus. As I reflected on all of the “little” things in life that made me happy back then I realized that although so much in my life has changed so much has stayed the same. No matter where I may go in life, how many cities I visit or countries I see, jobs I have, friends I make, the things that make me happiest are all quite uncomplicated and more commonly free.

I wanted to share this list with you, as I'm sure some of you will be able to relate to a few of these pick-me-ups. Here are a handful of my favorite feel-good mood-boosters.

I would love to hear what you turn to when you need to raise your spirits and keep your chin up high. 

•Four days and counting until vacation...
•Sleeping in
Margaritas and Mexican in the middle of the afternoon for no particular reason
•Lyrics to a song that say exactly what you are trying to say but just couldn't find the words
•The night before getting on the plane to see family  
•A bike ride on a sunny afternoon
Sunday brunch
Red wine, and lots of it
•A book that keeps you up past your bedtime
•Long walks in the park
•A fresh manicure/pedicure
•Movie night 
•The first snow

Signing Off The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow,


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