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Get Fit At Home—No Gym Necessary!

You don't need big complicated gym machines to get a knock-out body. In fact, you don't need a gym at all. The secret is having the right tools at home—and doing at least two sets of about 6-8 toning moves twice a week. That and 30 minutes of regular cardio (your choice) a day.

We publish strength-training routines (all editor tested) every month in Shape, and you can also get recommended "moves" from our Virtual Trainer (find it now in the fitness section). And now we've made it even easier by creating our own line of fitness equipment. EVERY single piece of equipment launched (find them all at had to make it through our rigorous editor and "real life" testing. And all come with how-to-use-them moves on free special cards, packaged with the equipment (an absolute must, in my mind...there's nothing I can't stand more than buying a fitness tool without having detailed moves I can do with it!)

The Shape home tools I'm loving now: the kettlebells and the core balls. And there's even more great stuff to come (including a fabulous walk vest). Stay tuned!

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