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Getting Fitter by the day

In 2006, I was 184 pounds, battling menopause bloat, dealing with a new diagnosis of wheat, gluten and other food allergies. I was over weight, unhealthy, unhappy and was on the verge of osteoporosis. I decided to regain control over my health and my body. I cut out gluten and wheat from my diet, ate more fruits and vegetables, fish and turkey. I began walking more. I lost some weight, ut I was not getting the results I wanted, so in 2008, I joined Golds Gym and started using weight machines, mastering the eliptical and treadmill. A trainer at the gym convinced me I needed to try Body Pump and that is when I really saw results. In As of July of 2010, I had lost 23 pounds of fat and converted it to 20 pounds of muscle. I had dropped my BMI from 50 to 30 and the oteopina was gone. I am lost 12.5 inches over-all. I feel fitter, happier and healthier. I am hoping that my re-measure in January shows even better results. In November I added Zumba. I walk 10 minutes twice a day during my breaks, and climb stairs.


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