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Getting With The Program

Yesterday, I set up my training plan on miCoach with the help of Christian DiBenedetto of Adidas. He walked me through all the features and explained how to personalize the program. The site is easy to navigate and there are so many options that every runner, from beginner to pro, can create their ideal training plan. You can sign up for a program complete with suggested running workouts whenever you'd like, but to really customize it you'll need some miCoach gear—specifically, a heart rate monitor and a pace tracker.
My gadgets are synced and I'm all set up and ready for my first workout. But this morning it just didn't happen. The weather gods decided to send New York City an ice storm, so no road running for me today—too dangerous. Instead, I'll be scrambling to get a one-month gym membership so that I can log the workout on a treadmill tonight. (I don't already belong to a gym since I usually run outside all year—tights keep me warm—and I do yoga and strength moves at home in my living room.)

But there's good news: It's Groundhog Day! And neither Punxsutawney Phil nor Staten Island Chuck saw their shadows this morning, which means spring is on its way. Hooray!
Do you run outside too? What do you do when winter weather keeps you indoors?


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