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Got Milk? Get Muscles?


I was in Atlanta last week for one of my routine work trips down south and I stayed at my preferred Bed & Breakfast, Stonehurst. The greatest benefit of staying there, besides the comfort of feeling like I'm living in a beautiful southern home, is the breakfast that innkeeper Carolyn makes each morning.

One habit I picked up pretty quickly, after receiving the evil eye for bringing my laptop and iPhone to the breakfast table, is reading the newspaper. It's actually quite refreshing to sip a cup of coffee and sift through USA Today, catching up on what's going on in the world. It's something I rarely spend much time doing.

Admittedly, I lean toward the "lighter news" articles. I find it interesting to hear about the Girl Scouts 100 year anniversary, or Bobbi Kristina being Whitney Houston's beneficiary, or remembering to set my clock forward on Sunday because of daylight savings time. My morning doesn't seem to begin in a positive way when I focus on articles such as world debt, two 73-year old twin sisters found dead in their home, or the market crashing.

One of the articles that caught my eye last week, being that I'm an advertising professional, was Milk's new ad campaign targeting chocolate milk to adult athletes. Apparently, since school districts from Los Angeles to the District of Columbia have eliminated chocolate milk from schools, consumption has dropped four out of the past five years. Despite reduced consumption, the flavored-milk category has been the only milk sector to continue to grow.

In an industry-funded study from three universities published in the journal of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, it was discovered that recreational runners who drank fat-free chocolate milk after a strenuous run ran 23 percent longer when exercising later versus those who drank carbohydrate-only sports drinks. Interesting, right?

Of course with any study there are a variety of opinions, but the milk folks are taking the findings and running with it. Ads make their debut this week and will feature basketball star, Carmelo Anthony (perhaps they should consider Jeremy Lin for more attention) and Olympic swimmer Dara Torres. The tag line for the campaign will no longer be "Got milk?" You will now see "my After."

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