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A Great Networking Event for Women


My goal for this month is to meet people who can help, inspire, or grow Miss O & Friends. This past week I was invited to the Annual Gala for Dress for Success (DFS), an amazing organization whose mission is to promote economic independence for disadvantaged women. By providing professional attire, a network of support, and the career development tools, Dress for Success helps women to thrive at work and in other aspects of their lives. 

It was incredible to be a part of this event where women from the DFS program shared their heart-wrenching stories about how the organization helped them to turn their lives around and become successful businesswomen. They were inspiring to everyone in the room and it was apparent how much their self-esteem grew while being a part of the DFS program. Not only was this event motivating as a young female entrepreneur, but it also reinforced the importance of self-esteem, which is something that Miss O focuses on. 

The other women that I met at the gala are people I can look up to and aspire to be like one day. The whole event was both encouraging and touching, always stressing the importance of perseverance.


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