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Great Shape before Pregnancy

So I've heard over and over again that its easier to whip back in shape if your in great shape before your pregnant. Well I'm not in great shape but my body is changing now at age 26. I workout, I try not to eat junk.... but I do sometimes.

I want to keep this figure and plan on doing whatever I can to maintain that before, during and after pregnacy. It's always easier said then done. However I've found that when you have a partner to workout with you its way more fun..... But where do you find these people?? I'm not talking about a trainer I'm talking about a motivater. Any Idea's please do share.

As for me going into 2011 with the hopes of a soon to be pregnancy I'm hitting the gym full force alone. Alone, scared and hope I can get the results I'm looking for.

If there is anyone out there going through this with me... tell me your story and maybe we can motivate each other. Holidays behind and no more bad rich foods. Let's hit the gym, the water bottle and a heathly structure for others.


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