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Guess what?!?

I’ve got some big news!! Not only did our bridal magazine debut the other week, but I got engaged! Ahh! I know—it’s just so exciting! Never did I think I’d be still so early in my career, and engaged, but everything has just happened so smoothly that it all feels so right (and IS so right!). I'm going to have to get used to saying “my fiancé” instead of boyfriend though. But, Dino and I are just enjoying the moment right now and only starting to think about what we want for our wedding day (nothing big!)—so I’m going to stay focused on work and my triathlon and marathons.


Since we’ll wait some time before the big day, you should check out our newest bridal blog, “The Tale of 3 Brides” chronicling the journey of three Shape staffers who are getting married soon! There’s AJ, our deputy editor, Jessica, our assistant fashion editor, and Brooke, our production manager (maybe all the bridal talk gave our boyfriends the idea!?). AJ, Jessica, and Brooke all have such interesting stories about how they met “the one” and totally different plans in mind for their walk down the aisle, so if you need some wedding advice, or just a good laugh, see what they have to say. And then I'll figure out how I'm going to fit all this into my busy schedule! I can't wait!











A few minutes after Dino proposed!!


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