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The gym class that kicked my butt!

Last night after trying a Core Fusion class at Exhale Spa on the Upper East Side, my body got a rude awakening. I am a triathlete, a half-marathon finisher, and a total gym rat, so I would have never guessed that there are muscles in my body that would have gone unused for so long! This class incorporates your core muscles the entire time, while strength training and firming your legs, arms, back, butt (you name it, I toned it!)—but it pushes you to limits you may never usually go to during your own workouts.


This is what I like about switching things up and doing something new with your exercise routines. As a runner, or a biker, a yogi, or even a Pilates pro, you may be using the same big (but important) muscles day in and day out, however, you are sometimes neglecting those little muscles that don’t ever get to come out and play. Think of it like this (picture me doing this move that I learned last night): I’m holding a ballet bar facing the mirror and I’m up on my toes, next I’m crouching down into a squat sort of position; after about 30 seconds of this I’m in pain and feel like I just can’t do it any longer. My legs begin to shake, which means my [quad] muscles are fatiguing, and essentially calling for back up—making use of those smaller leg muscles that I don’t target as often. My legs are still shaking uncontrollably—the burn is so bad I’m wondering if I could possibly be that weak? (I keep telling myself, “You have swam in the Hudson River Jenna—you can do this!”) But this is what happened when I pushed my body beyond the “comfortable” point I’m so used to in my daily workouts. Although it was sort of painful, at the end of the class I was so glad to have tried something new—I want those smaller muscles getting toned! (Perhaps this will get me my Kelly Ripa arms!)


So maybe the reason you’re not seeing the results you want is because although you think you’re pushing yourself, perhaps you’re really not. I’m not saying you need to spend money on a personal trainer, but maybe taking a new class or doing workouts that you’ve never tried may be good for your body, and your mind! I’m psyched to get back to Core Fusion and try it again. Hopefully as my “little” muscles get stronger I won’t shake so bad!


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