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Halloween hangover: a very real fact of life

I don’t know about you, but it finally hit home that candy—in all its delicious variations—is addictive, kind of like a drug. Once you start eating it, you can’t stop. I was very good on the day of Halloween, not really eating much candy except a few Skittles. (I also put a few controls in place: I bought candy last minute [on sale!] the day of Halloween, and then I donated 90 percent of my kids’ candy to the neighborhood kids—without my two children knowing or suspecting.) But there was still candy left. The day after, I nibbled on one, and then another and then another…and then I was out of control! The next day, at the office, I was having a conversation with other staffer moms and everyone was looking for Halloween candy in the office. One editor came by my office with a thumbs-up and a handful of mini chocolate bars (yes, this even happens at Shape!). Another editor came up for a meeting and asked if I had any. I thought: this is crazy. But the moral of the story: if you resist the urge initially, you will eventually stop craving candy.


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