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3 New Kombucha Drinks We Love


Kom-what? Yeah, we can’t quite pronounce it either, but we’re digging the trend of drinkable probiotics. A fermented tea drink, Kombucha is made by letting a mixture of tea, sugar, water, and an active starter sit for about 10 days. Like other fermented foods (yogurt, kimchi), the beverage is full of probiotics, and fans claim health benefits including better digestion, improved energy, and more.

While some people make it at home, Kombucha is also available at health food stores. Now, the trendy drink is moving out of the natural foods aisle and into the mainstream, available at grocery stores across the country. Check out one of these tasty new bottled brews, below.

TheBu Kombucha

The artisanal flavors (tangerine, honeydew, chai spice, lavender, and tropical) are light and refreshing. Plus, the super-chic glass bottles can double as bud vases when you’re done.

KeVita Master Brew Kombucha

Ginger-lovers will go nuts for the ginger variety of this drink, which also comes in fruity flavors. KeVita is also lower-calorie than some other brands.

Kombucha Wonder Drink

Available in a can or bottle, this brew comes in eight flavors including a “traditional” brewed from organic oolong tea for those who want to experience the tangy flavor of pure kombucha.


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