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Hill Repeats Are Tough

Last night's workout was no picnic. I decided to take a break from Andy Murray (absence makes the heart grow fonder) and met up with my Asphalt Green Tri Club (AGTC) buddies for 5.5 miles of repeats on Cat Hill in Central Park. If you've ever run up that hill, you know it's a long slow climb that doesn't feel so bad at first, but then it just seems to keep going, breaking you down mentally until you reach the top.

Cat Hill is on the east side of the park, just north of the Boathouse restaurant. Halfway up, there's a life-size sculpture of a crouching panther, entitled Still Hunt, that was created by Edward Kerneys. He looks friendly in this photo, but, when you've run past him a few times after dark, you start to wonder if he's thinking you'd make a good snack. I went up and down 12 times—talk about grueling! But it's going to make Heartbreak hill look like a joke. (Right?)

Doing hard workouts always seems easier with a group, because you've got the camaraderie (shared misery?) of others to motivate you to push harder. And it's fun to chat a bit on the down hills, because it takes your mind off the pain of trying to keep your breathing even. Last night's conversation topics included trips to Paris, siblings' weddings, and the upcoming AGTC gala.

On tap for this weekend: A 15-mile long run on Sunday. I'm trying to decide if I should tackle it tomorrow instead, because I'll be spending four hours in heels on Saturday night at the gala. (I'm really looking forward to seeing my buddies dressed in something other than sweaty shorts and sneakers!)

What do you think: Long run before or after standing in stilettos? Do you have any fun weekend workout plans?


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