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Hitting one goal to make another

I had a weight loss goal. Being pear-shaped and only 5 ft tall at 150 pounds, my fitness goals was 120. Mind you, a healthy 120 would be the perfect size for me. After graduating high school, I easily dropped 6 pounds, and by doing 25 minutes of cardio every weekday, and cutting down on portions I dropped 15 more pounds. Determined and proud of my new figure, which recieved many compliments from old high school friends and teachers that hadn't seen me for over 2 months, I joined a Body Pump class and lost the rest of the weight.

When I hit the goal, I assumed I would be happy, but I was actually faced with a  much worse problem: Now that I had hit my goal, what was there to work for?

I loved working out, I loved the feeling, but without a goal insight, without motivation, would I just go back up to my 150? And that is something I didn't want to do!

It was an identity crisis I never thought I would come to. I had met my goal, happy and fit, but I still wasn't completely okay with my body. I still had work to do, I just didn't know where or how to begin. It was back to the drawing board, back to my 150 pound mindset. What had made me decide to change my weight? Was it just the way I looked in a bathing suit, or my constant self destructive thoughts? To be honest, it wasn't either one of these things that put me over the edge, it was the sight of one woman.

(Now let me say, right now, that NO ONE can make the change for you, and you should never change for anyone else. That is a personal decision that YOU have to make for YOURSELF! Otherwise, you will find that the change will not be a healthy one and probably not last!)

This woman, who shall remain nameless, because in all honesty, I never met her, but she had shapely arms, a fluid, yet strong torso, beautifully muscular legs, and just the body I have always wished I could have. Standing behind her in the grocery line,  I never felt stubbier...or more like a stalker as I listened to her and the cashier discussed her new diet....for her 2nd triathlon!

That's when it hit me! A triathlon, how amazing would it be if I could compete in a thiathlon? What a great excuse to get fit! With my spirits lifted, I made my way home only to  get laughed off my high horse by my nit picking grandma...( That's another thing, never let ANYONE tell you no. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something. No one deserves to have that power. Learn from my mistake) And I agreed with her. At 150 pounds, barely able to walk up a flight of stairs without taking a break, how would I be able to even get to the starting line of a triathlon?

Flash Forward to now: 30 pounds lighter,  not completely happy with my shape,and in need of a new goal. So take a guess at what this long rambling blog is all about.

I am going to start training to compete in a triathlon.

But that is not the point of this blog.

The point I am trying to make, and hopefully am somewhere in the ballpark of is that no matter where you are, goals are ever changing and ever expanding. They are never set in steel,and you can always add on and take off depending on how things workout(haha pun. Counldn't stop myself). Never let yourself go because you didn't take the time to make a goal! I sure as hell won't!

So cheers to now and cheers to getting rid of fears!


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