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Holiday stress relief that works for me

Ahhh...the holidays are upon us. Let the craziness begin! Already my family has stressed me out—and we haven't even gotten together yet! Work seems busier than ever (which always seems to happen around the holidays). What's helping me: fast (think: 5 to 20 minutes) on-the-go meditations that I downloaded to my iTouch from As we say in the current December issue of Shape, you don't need to be a serious yogi to meditate—and you don't need to omm with your legs crossed and your attention absolutely focused (something—being the Type-A person I am—that I cannot do). What everyone, including me, does need to do is de-stress: just spend a short time, calmly breathing without your cell phone on, your BBerry vibrating, and people talking to you. In short, it's what everyone needs this time of year. To download these super easy meditations (you have to buy them, but they're worth it), go to, press meditations, and you have a whole bunch to choose from. What I've downloaded: Sunset at the Ocean and Magic Carpet. And if you have time, explore the site. There's even an option for you to "create" your own online meditation room that you can focus on while you're listening to the soothing voice of Michele Bernhardt (this works if you're doing the meditation at your desk during a midday work break). I personally listen to mine while I'm on my one-and-a-half-hour commute. For me, these have been my sanity savers.


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