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Home Decorating: Stores and Sites That Make it Easy


I’ve heard horror stories about searching for apartments in New York City. Most people dream of that doorman apartment on the twentieth floor with a view of the New York City skyline, new finishing’s, a working dishwasher and laundry in the building. And most people my age end up in a seven-story walk-up, above a noisy bar that faces another building and looks down to a sketchy alleyway. I ended up somewhere in the middle. Not the twentieth floor, but not the seven-story walk-up either. My roommate, who is one of my great friends from college, and I found an awesome apartment in the East Village. It doesn’t have a dishwasher or a view of the New York City skyline, but we do have our own private backyard, which is going to be great for the summer. Now that the holidays are over, I’m going to ransack all the drug stores to find Christmas lights on sale so I can string them up around the backyard. But as everything has been so far, this too will be a process (and a whole new budget).  

I had this notion that I would walk into a store, find everything I wanted for my apartment, and be done with it. No…totally wrong. The first three weeks of living in the apartment, we didn’t have a kitchen table. I ordered one online, but I didn’t look at the dimensions and when I put it together, it ended up being a bistro table and our chins came up to the table top when we sat in the chairs. Tip: check dimensions before ordering anything online. Not just this, everything was a process. By going to different stores and finding different knick-knacks and fun things to hang on our walls and decorate with, it made the experience that much more exciting. Although not having a kitchen table and empty walls for weeks made me feel anxious, when we finally started to discover those great finds, it all began to come together. 
Vintage and antique stores were the best. My favorites were Furnish Green and City Opera Thrift Shop. Checking back every few days was key since they would always get new stuff in. Also, I found some great places online to order cool art and wall décor. My favorites:, and The sites are Gilt Group-esque so the deals are great and the stuff is awesome. Day by day, the apartment has slowly come together and the best part about being in the city is that walking around I can always find something cool for the apartment. 


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