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The Hot Body Model Search Begins!

We’ve posted our semi-finalists online (check here: and it looks like it’s going to be hard to narrow it down to just one winner from these 60 fit women. They all have insanely amazing bodies, and it’s obvious their toned arms and legs and six-pack abs are a result of hard work, dedication and commitment—not just from “being born with it.” If I saw any of these women in our magazine I would definitely aspire to have their body and do what they do to stay in shape (I'm a little bit jealous, but that only pushes me to not be lazy with my workouts). After reading about each one, I wasn’t surprised to read that most said that being fit isn’t just about looking good, it’s about being strong and mentally healthy as well. I agree. I just interviewed a real woman for an upcoming story and she said the key to her weight loss was changing her outlook, and thinking about being healthy, more than dreaming about a certain number on the scale. This is such a positive outlook to have. Over the past few weeks I’ve been really lucky to speak to some amazing experts and women in the industry, and I’m really taking a look at my own diet and realizing there’s so much I should do to practice what I preach on my blog and what I write in my articles. I’m not looking to enter any hot body model search now, or ever in fact, but I am impressed and inspired by these 60 contestants. Instead of eating nutritious meals and pushing myself in my workouts during my triathlon training season only, I should be doing this every day of my life. It’s time I get back to work. But first, you all should vote for your favorite get-fit role model at! Who would you like to see in our magazine? Check out their bios and get inspired by their dedication to feeling good.


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