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Hot Couture

I love choosing my outfit by occasion. Birthday dinner: pretty sequin dress, bright color heel, small purse. Day of fashion-y appointments: mini skirt, oxford flat shoes, statement bag.

But when it comes to Sexy Date dressing, I totally falter. I always feel like the options are too tight or too revealing - which to me seems just too obvious. Frankly, I've never been a bustier or push-up bra kind of gal. Then I stumbled on this Riller and Fount dress ($170;

It's my new answer to subtle sexiness. The open back and bare shoulders are unmistakably hot, but the super casual grey jersey lends a just-thrown-on vibe. It's perfect with a strappy heel for a night out, but I think it pairs as well with a fun flat sandal for a more easy-going look.

And the dress's secret weapon: the drape-y front means that you can still feel great even if, like me, you may have skipped the crunches at the gym this week.


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